THIS  WEEK NIFTY  BREAK HIGH 11620  THEN NEXT MAJOR RESISTANCE ARE 11666-11690-11732-11807-11828-11895-11980-12017-12048-12075-12103. IF  NIFTY BREAK LOW 11380 THEN NEXT SUPPORT ARE -11363-11327-11289-11251-11200-11151-1116.50-11078-11022-10980-10925-10908-10872-10765-10676-10640-10585-10490-10473-10400-10340-10300-10267-10245-10160-10092-10048-9998-9949-9880-9830-9715-9630-9545-9949-9492-9399-9351-9297-8968-8832-8748- 8700-8597-8523-8304-8244-8159-8055-7830-7511--7481-7342-7164-6826-6603-6278..NOW STRONG RESISTANCE 11825-11891-11933-11980-12048. NOW STRONG SUPPORT 11151-11110- 11065-10908-10768-10433-10245-10090-10029-9946-9908. NEXT WEEK IF NIFTY SPOT BREAK 11380 LEVEL ONLY TREND GOES DOWN ,NEXT STRONG SUPPORT 11289, IF CLOSE BELOW 11289, FURTHER TREND GOES DOWN. NEXT SUPPORT 11185 ,IF CLOSE BELOW 11185 ,NEXT MAJOR SUPPORT 11008, IF CLOSE BELOW 11008 ONLY MAJOR TREND WEAK.NOW STRONG RESISTANCE 11623 IF SUSTAIN ABOVE 11623 LEVEL NEXT STRONG RESISTANCE 11690 ,IF CLOSE ABOVE 11690 ONLY FURTHER TREND GOESUP.THIS MONTH SEPTEMBER PRESSURE DATE ARE 4TH,9TH,11TH,16TH,18TH,21ST, 24TH AND 30TH

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